An essential tool to ensure your organization’s Cloud transformation success

According to recent Gartner research, around 95% of Cloud transformation projects fail to deliver the expected outcomes and benefits. An ineffective strategy and insufficient planning for the pace and impact of changes are often to blame. But this can be avoided.

The creation of a comprehensive Cloud transformation business case provides you with the insight you need to ensure adequate planning takes place, and the project runs smoothly and successfully. It also offers a reliable way to assess organizational readiness for your Cloud journey. Our Cloud transformation business case template will help you:

• Assess the current state, solution, and resource options within your organization.

• Examine your organization’s desired future state, and how long it will take to realize value.

• Document your Cloud transformation action plan and strategic roadmap.

• Summarize your proposals into three key areas: the driving problem, the proposed solution, and why it will work.

• Secure approval for investment, and implement a successful transformation project.

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